Saturday, 13 August 2011

Monday, 1 August 2011

iostream.h is now just iostream! Who knew ... well everybody apart from me! :)

I've been looking for my Visual Studio 6.0 C++ Professional CD to no avail so I downloaded VS C++ Express 2010 and ran into some problems compliling some games written under an old DX9/C++ engine I used in University. The biggest complaint was not finding so after some quick googling I discovered that this changed in 2005 and was replaced with plain old ... and don't forget to use:

using namespace std;

while you're on (though you've probably been using this all along). I then had to copy some DX libraries into my project folder (I'll work out external dependencies later) and it built successfully! Yay! This means I can use this old engine to develop the presentation for November as, since my laptop broke, I've got nothing that will run XNA Game Studio.

Onward ho! :)